Welcome to Arrow Tarot

Meet Jamie

I am a tarot card reader located in Rhode Island, and I am passionate about helping people raise their vibration, connect with their spirit guides and look at life from a new point of view.  I practice yoga, work with reiki energy, teach ballet, sing in the shower, and love a good cup of chai tea. I like to travel and study different religious beliefs. I will mainly use the Rider-Waite-Smith deck for your reading, and possibly pull from some other fun decks as well.

How to book a reading
You can request an online reading for $25.00. For an online reading, you will receive at least a 5 card spread, potentially more cards, with photos and a written explanation for each card. You do not need to be chatting with me live for an online reading. This is a great option if you want a written copy of your reading to remember it by!

For a reading over the phone or in person ($50 for 30 minutes) you can schedule an appointment. Live readings allow you to ask more follow up-questions and enjoy a more conversational flow.

Tarot parties are also a lot of fun! Bring together a family or group of friends with a unique experience. Group pricing is available.

For all types of readings, email Jamie@arrowtarotreadings.com; call or text (401) 744-5644; or send a message on social media.  Follow me on Facebook and Instagram where I will be sharing my spiritual adventures!

Located at Wild Witches metaphysical shop:
1965 Smith St, North Providence, RI 02911